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Let's use books to help us imagine.

Chiliagon – (ˈkɪlɪəˌɡɒn) a thousand-sided polygon – Collins Dictionary


“When I imagine a triangle, for example, I don’t merely understand that it is a three-sided figure, but I also see the three lines with my mind’s eye as if they were present to me; that is what imagining is. But if I think of a chiliagon, although I understand quite well that it is a figure with a thousand sides, I don’t imagine the thousand sides or see them as if they were present to me …This imagining, I find, takes more mental effort than understanding does; and that is enough to show that imagination is different from pure understanding."

Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy; Sixth Meditation, 1639

Relax with a good book.

Featured Book:

Unfettered Journey

“I want to know the truth. I want to know how and why.”

Joe Denkensmith, Level 42, vidsnap: Year 2161

Unfettered Journey

Begin your own journey to a purposeful life.

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Unfettered Journey Appendices

Philosophical Explorations on Time, Ontology, and the Nature of Mind

Understand the philosophical conversation behind the novel.

Unfettered Journey Appendices